Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 6 Yayınlandı

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Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 6  Yayınlandı
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The Exchange team is announcing today the availability of our most recent quarterly servicing update to Exchange Server 2013. Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update 6 for Exchange 2013 and updated UM Language Packs are now available on the Microsoft Download Center. CU6 represents the continuation of our Exchange 2013 servicing and builds upon Exchange 2013 CU5. The release includes fixes for customer reported issues, minor product enhancements and previously released security bulletins. A complete list of customer reported issues resolved in Exchange 2013 CU6 can be found in KB 2961810. Customers running any previous release of Exchange 2013 can move directly to CU6 today. Customers deploying Exchange 2013 for the first time may skip previous releases and start their deployment with CU6 as well.

We would like to call your attention to a couple of items in particular about the CU6 release:

  • As discussed at MEC 2014 and other forums, CU6 includes significant improvements in Public Folder scalability. More details about this in Public Folder Updates in Exchange 2013 CU6: Improving Scale and More.
  • CU6 includes a fix for the HCW issue discussed in KB 2988229. A reminder for those customers who installed the Interim Update which resolved this issue: it’s NOT necessary to uninstall the Interim Update prior to installing CU6.

For the latest information and product announcements about Exchange 2013, please read What’s New in Exchange 2013, Release Notes and Exchange 2013 documentation on TechNet.

CU6 includes Exchange-related updates to Active Directory schema and configuration. For information on extending schema and configuring Active Directory, please review Prepare Active Directory and domains in Exchange 2013 documentation.

Reminder:  Customers in hybrid deployments where Exchange is deployed on-premises and in the cloud, or who are using Exchange Online Archiving (EOA) with their on-premises Exchange deployment are required to maintain currency on Cumulative Update releases.

Note: Documentation may not be fully available at the time this post was published.

  • 2991934 After migration to Exchange Server 2013 mail folders, replication
  • 2988229 Hash Configuration Wizard error “sub CheckPrereqs execution failed” Exchange Server 2013
  • 2986779 The first command, Exchange Server EMS 2013 cumulative update 5 environment takes a long time to run
  • 2983512 An on-premise Exchange Server mailbox server in 2013 in a mixed environment RPC client access service crashes
  • 2983426 The external URL for Exchange Server virtual directory EWS 2013 is set to AutodiscoverSelfTestProbe failed
  • 2983423 External URL ECP virtual directory is set to the Exchange Server for 2013 AutodiscoverSelfTestProbe failed
  • 2983422 Exchange Server Prerequisite check fails after 2013 ServerWideOffline component is set to not enabled
  • 2983207 “532 5.3.2″ a hidden mailbox on an Exchange Server environment in 2013, when you send an e-mail message, an NDR
  • 2983066 An Exchange Server back to the default or Outlook folders in 2013 anonymous permission has been removed
  • 2982769 “Topology service cannot find the OWA service on the Exchange Server when you search for eDiscovery 2013
  • 2982763 In the Exchange Server public folder mail enabled 2013 unauthorized users will accept e-mail messages.
  • 2982762 OAB generation management of mail has been removed or disabled in Exchange Server 2013
  • 2982760 Duplicate registration forms in Outlook Web App, Exchange Server sends the Enter key in 2013
  • 2982759 After you enable MAPI over HTTP a delegated user cannot access mail archives
  • 2982017 Exchange Server time wrong voice mail message in 2013
  • 2981835 Include attachments, you cannot delete or a large number of e-mail messages in Outlook Web App for public transport
  • 2981466 Unable to connect to the Exchange Server MAPI/CDO 2013 client
  • 2977279 Exchange Server log for the protected environment of the 2013 cannot disable voice mail
  • 2975599 In an Exchange Server public folder replication in Exchange Server 2010-2013 fails
  • 2975003 Exchange Server in online mode, Outlook calendar item body in 2013 will be lost
  • 2974339 If the Exchange Server environment is OAB 2013 FIPS creation fails.
  • 2971270 Exchange Server 2013 EAC (formerly ECP) after signing in, blank page
  • 2970040 Folder Assistant rule on an Exchange Server is not working properly in 2013
  • 2965689 An item is created by an Exchange Server environment in 2013 if the EWS EAS device cannot synchronize free/busy status
  • 2963590 IPv6 is enabled on Exchange Server 2013 message routing latency
  • 2961715 “A problem occurred” error may show an incorrect date in Outlook Web App
  • 2958434 Removing mailbox database, users cannot access their mailboxes through OWA or EA


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